A leadership quality that combines audacity and boldness with a heartfelt sense of caring. This mindset leads to personal and professional growth, an appreciation for diversity, and a multiplier effect that inspires and uplifts others.

Programs and services

1:1 Executive coaching

The foundation of your success as a leader. In stand-alone sessions to address a specific issue or as a tailored program to improve your overall communication skills.

Executive presence 

A skill rooted in self-confidence and self-awareness that all leaders must develop. Anything less is just a performance.

Influence and persuasion

Your ability to connect with and move your audience – regardless of title, gender, or size – is what separates authentacious leaders from “those with a title.”

Imposter syndrome

A self-limiting mindset can be overcome as you embrace your experience, expertise, and the positive attributes of occasional self-doubt.

Custom programs

Available in Public Speaking, Storytelling in Business, Difficult Conversations, Effective Feedback, and Change Management for general, women-centric, and LGBTQ-centric audiences

About the founder

Gina Grahame is an award-winning speaker, executive communication coach, and lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Gina brings a unique perspective on the role of gender in personal communications as well as valuable insights from her diverse professional history across many industry verticals.

She has worked with thousands of current and emerging leaders from around the world, helping them develop their own unique voice and leadership style – supercharging the potential of individuals, teams, and companies.


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